ABOUT USKobe Leather Cooperative

Aiming to improve economic standing and develop our local economy
through the development of new leather and products that use Kobe’s own local resources.

The Kobe Leather Cooperative was established to work on leather development, create sample products, and to carry out respective PR in order to further the use of leather (a local resource) and to establish an added value aspect to local leather products. In the future, the Coop will establish a leather distribution pipe, and aims to create a new Kobe brand.

Cooperative Overview

Corporate Name
Kobe Leather Cooperative
Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Date of Establishment
July 23, 2019
Rooted in a spirit of mutual assistance among members, the Kobe Leather Co-operative conducts necessary collaborative projects for members. Its purpose in doing this is to advance members’ independent economic activities, and improves their economic standing.
Number of Members


Representative Director
Kiichiro Katayama
Vice Director
Taisuke Nagata
Hiroaki Lee
Taizo Katayama
Keiichi Morita

Our Members

Bag Manufacturing (excluding handbags)
Kiichiro Katayama (President, Kiichi Co., Ltd.)
Furniture Manufacturing
Taisuke Nagata (President, T.K.International Co., Ltd.)
Men's Clothing Retail
Hiroaki Lee (Director, Adam Co., Ltd.)
Shoes/footwear retail
Taizo Katayama (President, Maruya Shoe Store Co., Ltd.)
Mail Order/Door-to-door Retail
Keiichi Morita (President, GEO NOTES, Inc.)

Kobe Leather Cooperative


Kobe Leather Cooperative

6-7-3 Motomachi-dori, Chuo Ward, Kobe City 650-0022

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