Envisioning and creating a future for Kobe 
Our lives were devastated by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
Now we stand here today almost 25 years from that day. 
At a time of complete devastation, 
we came together to face each and every challenge together,
and in doing so managed to restore our city.

Our lives that were once lost to disaster, are now restored;
Bringing us to think of creating a future for Kobe. 
Our activities can contribute to the future.
The social issues we face that we hadn’t noticed before
can be addressed through ideas, design and collaboration.
We can reflect, and we can create a sustainability of our own.

This is a new challenge, a project to explore the possibilities that the future holds.
Use what we Eat 
Japan is home to the world reclaimed value concept “Mottainai” which means using things for as long as possible and not letting anything go to waste. 
And this blends perfectly with the characteristics of leather goods. 

The word “Itadakimasu” (lit. respectfully receive) said before eating is a part of Japan’s food culture, and was born from Japan’s unique culture.

Kobe beef is highly esteemed internationally, but until recently cowhide was not used as efficiently as beef.

We are creating a new project using Kobe Beef based on the concept of ethical food culture.
This project involves creating the opportunity not only to eat, but to also to purchase the same amount of leather goods sourced from Kobe Beef. 
So while it is a restaurant setting, there is also a product brand.

ITADAKIMASU,an expression of respect not only to food ,but also to life and nature.
Based on this ethical food culture of Japan,our brand will contribute to sustainable development of Kobe City in future.


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Promotion video for Kobe Leather Cooperative completed.
Introducing the concept and initiatives of Kobe Leather Cooperative.

This is the new Kobe Leather's Origami Shape Memory series.
Leather that remembers shape, developed using the techniques of a tanner in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture.
This leather holds the shape made by folding or bending it.
The thickness has been adjusted and cut into squares so that you can enjoy folding it like ordinary origami paper.

Kobe Leather Cooperative


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